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Dear supporters of IRAdvocates,

Those of you who know me are aware that I have been working to stop child slavery since the late 1980s when I was first traveled to the carpet belt of India with Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi. Together we started Rugmark, now Goodweave, a very successful independent monitoring and certification program that has resulted in thousands of formerly enslaved children being freed from carpet looms and it has provided them with rehabilitation and education programs.

Press Release   10/05/2021

Earlier this year, IRAdvocates filed a new lawsuit  against Nestlé, Cargill, Mars, Hershey, Olam, Barry Callebaut, and Mondelez on behalf of eight formerly enslaved children who were trafficked from Mali and brought to Côte D’Ivoire where they were forced to perform hazardous work harvesting cocoa for one or more of these giant multinationals. The case was filed using a relatively new law, the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (“TVPRA”).

Case Update   09/29/2021